Life Changing Recovery Hub faces further delay

Posted on 9th September 2016

Press release
Immediate release: Friday, 9th September 2016

Inclusion Healthcare and Leicester city council have been forced to recommence the search for new premises for an Alcohol Recovery Hub as lease arrangements at the preferred location were unexpectedly halted this week by the property owners.

The Anchor Centre has been located in Dover Street for over twenty years. The centre provides help and support to street drinkers and people who are alcohol dependent. Many of the service users are homeless, or ex homeless and may have been drinking heavily for many years. The centre has the potential to be a flagship service that reduces street drinking and improve life expectancy.

The service has an excellent performance record for safety and effectiveness. Inclusion have the full support of the city Council and police who monitor the service on a regular basis, there is a very low number of incidents both within the centre and surrounding streets. The recovery hub will serve and support vulnerable people and make a positive contribution to Leicester city community. The hub does not represent a risk to other members of the community or surrounding businesses.

With funding secured from Public Health England, Inclusion and Leicester City Council forged plans to relocate the service to more suitable premises able to provide a much wider range of activities and services to help people to recover from dependence and improve their health and wellbeing.

Facilities will include space for physical and mental health support services, a kitchen to develop cooking skills and an IT suite to assist with accommodation and housing.

Cllr Rory Palmer said “There has been a view that nothing can be done to help problem drinkers, but there is growing evidence that with the right support, people with significant alcohol problems can make changes to the way they live their lives”

As a provider of healthcare to homeless people in Leicester, Inclusion Healthcare are able to provide many years of experience of working with vulnerable people and those who are struggling with substance misuse and associated health problems.

Wayne Henderson, Specialist Nurse and Director of Specialist services said “If you are alcohol dependent, stopping or reducing alcohol suddenly is not medically safe. The Anchor Centre is a safe place for people who are alcohol dependent to go and receive help and support to achieve gradual and sustainable recovery. Without the centre, more people would be left drinking in the street”

Dr Anna Hiley, GP and CEO Inclusion “The decision to halt the lease arrangements is very disappointing. This is the latest in a number of delays that have prevented the service from relocating and achieving its goals over the last 3 years. Our aim has always been to provide the best possible support to our service users and the development of the Recovery Hub represents an opportunity for us to fulfil that vision. Service users have been promised a new and better service that vaules them as people and invests in their future. We will continue to work with Leicester City Council to ensure suitable premesis are secured as a matter of urgency to ensure the vital work of the centre can continue.”