International Homeless Conference to be streamed live at Inclusion Healthcare

Posted on 17th January 2013

Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th February 2013 @ Inclusion Healthcare, Leicester.

This conference is aimed at everyone with a professional or personal interest in social exclusion and health determinants, the impact of inequality, homelessness, housing and social policy.

Homeless patients cost the NHS eight times the cost of average patients but still have appalling health outcomes. They often suffer from tri-morbidity – that is, they have physical illnesses, mental health problems, and alcohol and drug issues. The average age of death of a rough sleeper is just over 40. Yet international research suggests that an acute hospital admission can be a trigger for a homeless person to want to change their lives.

The conference is being held in London but we are streaming it live in our Conference Room at Inclusion Healthcare in Leicester.

For further information please contact James Walton on 01162 946306 or at

Full agenda:

Day 1

Session one – the Case for Change
Chair: Jim o’Connell MD, President, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

Fair Society, Healthy Lives – health inequalities and the most marginalised
Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director, UCL Institute of Health Equity; MRC Research Professor in Epidemiology

Counting the cost
Professor Barry McCormick CBe, Director, Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation

Health equality and integration – a statutory duty
Professor Steve Field, Deputy National Medical Director,

Health Inequalities;
Chairman, National Inclusion Health Board; GP, Bellevue Medical Centre, Birmingham

Session two – Policy and Leadership
Chair: Jimmy Carlson oBe, Volunteer, Groundswell Homelessness – Pan-European Policy Perspective, European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA)

Freek Spinnewijn, Director, European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless, FEANTSA

Ministerial keynote
Anna Soubry MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health

Local government
Speaker to be confirmed, check website for details

Session three – What works: international comparisons
Chair: Leslie Morphy oBe, Chief Executive, Crisis

Health services for homeless people – systematic citywide approach
Jim o’Connell MD, President, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

Ending homelessness – integrated national approach
Walter Kamp, Program Manager, Municipality of Amsterdam

Historical perspectives – health care for homeless people
Charles Fraser CBe frSa, Chief Executive, St Mungo’s

Session four – Where do we start?
Chair: Professor Sir Muir Gray, NHS Quality Improvement Programme

Multiple exclusion homelessness in the UK
Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Professor of Housing and Social Policy, HerIot-Watt University

Against social exclusion – the Diogenes paradigm
John Adlam, Consultant Psychotherapist, South London and Maudsley Foundation NHS Trust
Christopher Scanlon frSa, Consultant Psychotherapist in Adult and Forensic Mental Health; Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Understanding Social Practices (CUSP), University of the West of England; Visiting Senior Lecturer, Psychosocial Studies, University of East London

Why do we need a Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health?
Professor Aidan Halligan, Chairman, Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health

Session five – Parallel workshop sessions. ONE of the below topics to be screened

Inclusion Health – what are the evidence gaps?
Chair: Dr Andrew Hayward, UCL Department of Infection and Population Health
Facilitators: Dr Bobbie Jacobson oBe, Director, London Health Observatory
Dr Tim Robson, GP Meadowell, a social service for the homeless in Watford Herts

Intermediate Care – the missing link?
Chair: Jim o’Connell MD, President, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Facilitators: Samantha Dorney-Smith, Joint Service Lead, Three Boroughs’ Homeless, Blood Born Virus Health Care and Refugee Health Team, Alex Bax, Chief Executive, Pathway

Psychologically Informed Environments – The life of PIE
Chair: Dr Nick Maguire, Clinical Psychologist, Director of Programmes, AU Psychology, University of Southampton
Facilitators: Helen Keats, Rough Sleeping Advisor Peter Cockersell, Director of Health and Recovery, St Mungo’s

Taking healthcare to the street – Outreach
Chair: Jim Withers MD, Medical Director and Founder, The Street Medicine Institute
Facilitators: Dr Alistair Story, Clinical Nurse Lead,

TB Find & Treat
Dr Austin o’Carroll, GP, Mountjoy Street Family Practice, Dublin; Safetynet Network of Specialised Services for Homeless People

Day 2

Session Six – Clinical challenges in homeless health
Chair: Dr Nigel Hewett oBe, Medical Director, Pathway

Multiple morbidity and inverse care
Dr Alistair Story, Clinical Nurse Lead, TB Find & Treat

The Street Medicine Movement in the US and abroad
Jim Withers MD, Medical Director and Founder, The Street Medicine Institute

25 years in homeless primary care in the UK
Dr Sally Reynolds, GP, Luther Street Medical Centre, Oxford

Session Seven – Parallel workshop sessions. ONE of the below topics to be screened

Mental health 

Chair: Peter Cockersell, Director of Health and Recovery, St Mungo’s
Facilitators: Dr Philip Timms, Consultant Psychiatrist, START Homeless Team, John Conolly, Lead Counsellor, Westminster Homeless Health Service
Paul Ashton, ex-Service User

Standards, guidance and training
Chair: Dr Nigel Hewett oBe, Medical Director, Pathway
Facilitators: Jane Gray, Health and Homeless Initiative/Opening Doors Initiative, The Queen’s Nursing Institute, Jane Cook, Lead Nurse, Street Med and Health and Founder Member Opening Doors Initiative, The Queen’s Nursing Institute

Chair: Jackie Kennedy – Director for Substance Misuse,Turning Point
Facilitator: Dr Chris Longstaff, Oxford GP

Service and commissioning models
Chair: Duncan Shrubsole, Director of Policy and External Affairs, Crisis
Facilitators: Dr Les Goldman, Bevan Healthcare, Bradford, Dr Heidi Gure-Klinke, Lead GP, City Reach Health Services, Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust, Kevin Hanner, Operations Manager, City Reach Health Services, Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust

Brain injury and early onset dementia
Facilitator: Professor Michael Oddy, Director of Clinical Services, The Disabilities Trust Foundation, Deborah Fortescue, Head of Foundation, The Disabilities
Trust Foundation
Dementia speaker to be confirmed

Session eight – Social exclusion and health
Chair: Professor Aidan Halligan, Chairman, Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health

Public health for the poorest
Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive Designate, Public Health England

Offender health
Dr Éamonn o’Moore, Consultant in Public Health (Health Protection), Offender Health, The health of Gypsies and Travellers in the UK, Yvonne Macnamara, Chief Executive, Irish Traveller, Movement in Britain (ITMB)

Feedback from Service Users
Facilitator: Stan Burridge, Research Lead on service user involvement, Pathway

Session nine – Parallel workshop sessions. ONE of the below topics to be screened

Homelessness, law and eligibility
Alice Evans, Head of Policy Analysis, Homeless Link

Chair: Charles Gore, Director, Hep C Trust
Facilitator: Professor Graham foster, Professor of Hepatology, QMUL

Clear rhetoric and blurred reality – maintenance and abstinence
Professor Neil McKeganey, Director, Centre for Drug Misuse Research

Sexual health – meeting the contraceptive needs of female sex workers
Chair: Professor Kevin Fenton, Health Improvement and Population Healthcare, Public Health England
Facilitators: Paulette ragan, Nurse Practitioner, Health Inclusion Team, Amy Hall, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Health Inclusion Team

Trafficking, migration and vulnerability
Facilitators: Dr Sian Oram, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, Dr Angela Burnett, GP, The Greenhouse Practice, Hackney

Close of Conference